February 23, 2018

Director's  Credential

What is it?

The Missouri Early Childhood Director Credential validates competencies achieved by early childhood professionals through education, experience, and  service.  Those individuals receiving credentials demonstrate their ability in center-based or group home leadership and management for programs serving children aged birth to kindergarten entry.  As part of its mission to foster excellence in early childhood systems and programs through advocacy, education, and professional development, the credential is issued by the MIssouri Association for the Education of Young Children.

Two levels of credentials are offered:

· The Provisional Director Credential
· The Director Credential

The Provisional Director Credential is an interim step to recognize the competency of emerging program directors as they  aspire to the higher standards set forth in the Director Credential criteria.  Both credential levels have a term of five years before they must be renewed.  With advancement in education, the Provisional Director Credential may be renewed once, allowing ten years to complete the requirements for the    Director Credential. Continuous professional development is required for both credential levels.       

Director's Credential Application and Additional Information