February 23, 2018

How to Become an Advocate    

Being an advocate isn't hard; it simply requires commitment, enthusiasm, and a little time. You have already made the first step by logging on to this web site. You obviously have a commitment to children. Here are some basic tips to follow.

  • Define your cause or issue.
    Identify the issue that you are most passionate about. Why is this important to you? What do you want to see changed in regard to this issue? What are the possible outcomes of change?

  • Know your subject — get the facts.
    Do your homework! Find out what is happening now that is related to this issue. Locate research available to support your cause. Refer to our Tools and Resources section for additional information.

  • Organize.
    Join MOAEYC or other professional organizations. Look at what other related organizations are doing that might be related to your issue.

  • Network — join with others.
    Develop contacts in your community. Sign up to receive current legislative action alerts. Learn about what is already happening with this issue.

  • Develop an action plan.
    Identify the steps you can take to effect change. How can you make your voice be heard? Try to anticipate the possible roadblocks to change. What can you do to overcome those roadblocks?