February 23, 2018

Other Accreditation Systems Recognized by MOAEYC

Missouri Accreditation
P.O. Box 997, Columbia MO 65205
Toll-free: 866-528-1288   In Columbia: 573-256-1288   Fax: 573-256-6877

Missouri Accreditation (MOA), designed to promote quality care and education programs for children from birth through twelve years, is committed to ensuring that Missouri's children are in the best possible environment to flourish intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically. Missouri Accreditation recognizes programs that are striving for excellence. It provides child care and education professionals with quality indicators that serve as guidelines for all aspects of program planning and implementation. The quality indicators allow for a broad range of teaching and learning philosophies, and are based on developmentally appropriate program planning and guidance. The MOA Self-Study Manual for Missouri Voluntary Accreditation of Early Childhood Education programs, although updated and revised, still has the basic structure, content, and process of the original, written in 1981. Besides the original manual, versions are now available for Infant/Toddler, School Age Child Care, and Family Homes.

National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC)
5202 Pinemont Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah 84123
Phone: 801-269-9338   Fax: 801-268-9507

NAFCC is a national membership organization working with more than 400 state and local family child care provider associations across the United States. It sponsors the nationally recognized family child care accreditation system which helps providers set and reach quality improvement goals and helps parents and policy-makers identify high-quality family child care.




National AfterSchool Association (NAA)
1137 Washington St., Dorchester MA 02124
Phone: 617-298-5012   Fax: 617-298-5022

The National AfterSchool Association, formerly the National School-Age Care Alliance, is once again offering an accreditation process after a one-year pause to catch up with pending applications and make some modifications in their process. They began accepting applications again in September 2004. Although complete details on NAA program improvement and accreditation products and services are not currently posted on their website, they may be adding that information soon.