February 23, 2018

Public Policy Platform

MOAEYC is an issue-driven, bi-partisan organization that represents Missouri's early childhood education professionals. As such, AEYC-MO works with both Democrats and Republicans to ensure that children and families are a priority in the legislative process.

Download MOAEYCs Public Policy Platform and Agenda (63KB PDF; last updated (01/2013) (PDFs require Adobe Reader for viewing and printing.


  • Supports the development of standards for early education
  • Provides training and professional development
  • Awards leadership stipends to state and national conferences
  • Offers resources and research in early education
  • Works for increased pay and benefits for all early childhood teachers
  • Helps teach the public about the role and value early childhood brings to the community, particularly through The Week of the Young Child activities, including children's fairs and media coverage.
  • MOAEYC represents your best interests and concerns to officials who determine budgets, grants, regulations, licensing requirements, scholarships, educational programs, and more at the local, state, and federal levels.

MOAEYC representatives study issues and offer solutions to local, state, and national policymakers, education experts, and business leaders. They write letters, make personal visits, report to the legislators at committee hearings, and speak whenever possible to support the needs of teachers and children in the early education program.